Revolutionizing Milsim

Renatus & Archwick Ally:
Welcome to the forefront of innovation.

As Renatus Group forges a trailblazing alliance with the Archwick Company, we're ecstatic to unveil a fusion where innovative airsoft and paintball designs encounter unparalleled milsim performance.

With icons like the SPR 300 PRO and the ground-breaking APC9 Series and contributions from brands such as First Strike, our united front promises more than mere products. We are crafting immersive experiences that challenge and redefine your perceptions of the airsoft and paintball realms.

Every trigger pull, every strategic move in milsim, every instant on the battleground will bear the hallmark of two industry titans united in their vision to transcend boundaries. Embark on this celebratory journey heralding a golden epoch of airsoft, paintball, and milsim excellence.

Anticipate an unrivalled arsenal making its mark in North America.

From veterans of the sport to newcomers, from enthusiastic fans to dealers scouting the horizon for the next sensation, the collaborative spirit of Renatus Group and Archwick Company ushers in a horizon teeming with promise and adrenaline-packed innovation.

Plunge into this adventure below, discover, and be an integral link forged in this chain.

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In a groundbreaking decision set to revolutionize the North American airsoft, paintball, and milsim arenas, Renatus Group, in collaboration with brands like First Strike, declares exclusive distribution rights for Archwick Company’s unmatched collection of Airsoft equipment and gear.

Who are we?

Central to Renatus Group is a fervent drive to innovate the worlds of airsoft, paintball, and milsim. Stemming from an unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional experiences, our cohesive team blends years of knowledge with cutting-edge perspectives.

With esteemed brands like First Strike as part of our narrative, our alliance with the Archwick Company exemplifies our commitment to pioneering the industry.

We pledge that every enthusiast, player, and collaborator will witness the pinnacle of airsoft craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Our journey spans over decades, pioneering trends and setting new industry benchmarks.


Our alliance with the Archwick Company amplifies our quest to introduce groundbreaking airsoft products to the North American market.

Community Members

Beyond products, we believe in fostering a thriving community, uniting airsoft enthusiasts, and creating memorable shared experiences.

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As we usher in a new era of airsoft with our exclusive partnership with the Archwick Company, we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

Here’s your chance to stock the most sought-after products in the market!

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