Exclusive Amazon Partner for First Strike

Lake Forest, Il (March 1, 2022)—First Strike® a leader in the paintball industry and vanguards of magfed paintball, consolidates Amazon fullfillment for 2022 and beyond.

First Strike®, a division of United Tactical Systems®, is a leading manufacturer of magazine fed paintball markers, paintball pistols, HPA systems and the innovator of the fin stabilized First Strike Round™.

Over the last 36 months, a single domestic partner has established themselves as premier partners of First Strike® through aggressive marketing and support for the entire First Strike® product line.

“We are very excited to partner with ANSGear.com to be our exclusive Amazon partner. ANS has distinguished themselves with their business acumen during a rapidly changing and challenging market” said Ben Larson, General Manager of First Strike®. “Their team has proven time and again to be a key retail asset to the First Strike® brand. It was an easy choice to partner them based on what they have proven on Amazon over the past couple years. We are excited to see ANS launch an all new First Strike® Amazon web store and create all new A+ product pages in the very near future.”

ANSgear.com, headquartered in Simi Valley, California will take on all Amazon logistics immediately including content creation, product page management, advertising, inventory and fulfillment.

“Going back to our roots of brick-and-mortar retail, we always wanted to give our customers the most compelling shopping experience ever. Through time this vision has allowed us to grow into the largest paintball only domain in the world bringing many products to market with much success. Now we get an opportunity to work with an industry leader in the Mag Fed category for launchers and the benchmark FSR projectiles, First Strike Rounds. We look forward to bringing our experiences over the years to this new partnership and ramp up the enthusiasm for their product lines on multiple platforms we operate.”

Founded in 1993,ANSgear.comis headquartered in Simi Valley, California. They are the predominant leader of e-commerce sales with second to none product selection, service, and best prices for the paintball industry.

For more information aboutANSgear.comand all of itsproducts and services, visitwww.ansgear.com.

For more information about First Strike® and all of its products, visithttp://www.first-strike.com.